OCDetailing’s Complete Detailing Services


    • We begin by evaluating the condition of the vehicle by notating, if any, but all damage already on the vehicle including: dings, dents, scratches, rust, etc. We pay special attention to any & all custom or aftermarket items, as to not damage them in the washing &/or detailing of the vehicle.
    • During the evaluation stage, if the vehicle has any scratches, we will try to determine what process, if any, can be used to eliminate these.
    • We determine which supplies are needed to facilitate the protection, cleaning, and detailing of the vehicle.

Exterior Wash and Polish Procedure:

    • We wash the vehicle from top to bottom.
    • We rinse and then clay the remaining painted surfaces. (if clay bar is added)
    • We rinse a second time following the claying process.
    • We spray cleaner on the rims and scrub them and then rinse them off.
    • We spray off the floor mats, clean them with the right chemical depending on the material, and then rinse them off again.
    • We dry the vehicle using the appropriate material(s), which is a combination of several things to ensure the vehicle is dry.
    • We will then glaze, polish, wax, or seal the paint (if added to detail package).
    • Dress the tires and trim moldings.
    • Clean windows, mirrors, window tips and chrome.
    • **Hoods, roofs, deck lids, tops, and fenders can often be “problem” areas that could require special attention, we always watch these areas closely and detail them accordingly.

Interior Detailing Procedure:

    • We begin by removing all personal items and bag them for the owner.
    • We then remove car mats, ashtray(s), and any other removable items and clean them .
    • We use an air system that will purge all loose dirt around the inside of the rear window, the vents, and the top of the dashboard.
    • We remove any pet hair, lint, and seat dirt.
    • We clean the door panels; paying special attention to “spots” around the handles and buttons.
    • We clean and detail the dashboard area, including all the small hidden spots; knobs, crevices, vents, glove box, etc. (if there is not a lot of items to be removed from the glove box and center counsel)
    • We dry the necessary areas; being cautious to remove water from cracks, crevices, buttons and vents.
    • We “steam” clean the carpets and seats (if seats are fabric).
    • Depending on seat type; fabric or leather, will depend on how we “treat” the seats with protector.
    • We clean gauges, chrome trim, and check for any missed areas.
    • We clean all windows on the inside and check the outside for any missed spots.
    • We replace all inserts that were removed from the vehicle to their original spot, except any of the loose personal items that were placed in the bag at the beginning of the detailing process, those will be placed on the passenger seat.
    • We inspect the entire vehicle one last time for any missed areas and correct these immediately.
    • We then call the owner if a pick up time was not established when the vehicle was first dropped off.
    • **Any “strange” items such as guns, knives, needles, razor blades, or any other dangerous items or anything not usually found in vehicles will be disposed of or turned over to the Police Department.
    • **Please remember that the condition of the vehicle dictates the equipment and products that will be used.
    • **OCDetailing offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that all OCDetailing customers reserve the right to look over their vehicle and to bring to our attention any blemishes they feel should have been addressed as part of their detail. An employee of OCDetailing will correct the blemishes to the customer’s satisfaction.
    • **Excessive dog hair or cleaning of the interior will require an additional charge depending on the type of vehicle and how long it takes to do the necessary process so prices will vary. See price page for starting prices.
    • ***With any detail package we will only do one set of floor mats. If there is more than one set in the vehicle we will do the top one of the ones in place. Any extra ones will be placed with the other ones in back undone.